The user-friendly, customizable online portal to monitoring results

Availability and security

The TEDAMOS Web portal is available 24/7 and all data is permanently accessible. Each project is configured with an individual, password-protected access.

Customized and dynamic

Overview graphics enable a rapid synopsis of the building/construction’s current state and long- and short-term trends.

The display view can be customized according to the client’s requirements. Measurement series can be visualized in detail, individually and dynamically. Data layers can be easily toggled on and off using the legend in order to enable in-depth analysis of the results.

Alerting system

All measurements undergo sophisticated plausibility checks before being submitted to the results database. If pre-set thresholds are exceeded for individual parameters (or combinations thereof), alerts can automatically be sent out via text messaging service (SMS), email and/or on-site acoustic and visual aids.

Responsive Design

Layout and navigation of TEDAMOS Web are optimized for various mobile, portable and desktop devices. Graphics are displayed in clear and neat fashion, no matter if the user logs in from his office PC or his mobile phone.